Bienvenue à Saint André Bessette!


Our French program runs from Grade 9-12, so students have the opportunity to grow their language skills throughout their entire time spent at Saint Andre Bessette. Starting in Grade 9, we make learning French fun and practical to our students everyday lives - whether it be learning how to introduce themselves and others, or ordering food at a restaurant - we do it all!


Worried about one aspect of French? We cover all 4 strands starting in our Grade 9 course, with an emphasis on Listening and Speaking, with Reading and Writing along the way! Skills ​introduced in the elementary Core French program will be developed through practical applications and concrete examples, and will use creative and critical thinking skills in various ways. ​Students can look forward to writing and presenting a skit, a fashion show, and learning how to read and write in the present, past, and the future!


That’s not all... You can expect some fun French competitions vs. your French teacher and peers in context based, vocabulary, or grammar games! Practice your Kahoot and Jeopardy skills, as well as your all time favorite games like Dix and Around the World, too!


Whether you like learning about the culture or the language aspect of French, our program will help you do both! ​Students will also enhance their understanding and appreciation of diverse French-speaking communities, and will develop skills necessary for lifelong language learning.