Student Council

​Mrs. Thompson - Staff Advisor​​

Ministry Student Elected
Prime Minister Ella Watson
Deputy Prime Minister Trever Ebert
Minister of Faith Alyssa Frijia
Minister of Health & Wellness David Real Rodriguez
Ministers of Arts & Culture Gabriel Patino (Male Rep.), Kidika Kazi (Female Rep.)
Ministers of Sports & Recreation Lora Gheorghui (Female Rep.), Matthew Razvi (Male Rep.)
Minister of Spirit Amaka Madu
Minister of Finance Nayanna Thomas
Minister of Communication Zainab Moosavi
Minister of Technology Venture Ciccarelli
Minister of Environment Michael Lucier
Minister of Social Justice Tyrus Kalayanos
Minister of Academics Jawahir Al Bayati
Student Representative Nicole Jamieson

Ministry Student Elected
Prime Minister Sam Tye
Deputy Prime Minister Amaka Madu
Minister of Outreach Gus Mahfoud
Minister of Health and Wellness Hussein Mourad
Minister of Arts and Culture Zainab Ahmed
Ministers of Sports 
Stephen Titizian
Lora Gheorghiu
Minister of Spirit Nayana Thomas
Minister of Finance Palina Radzioshkina
Minister of Communications Lauren Butters
Minister of Technology Jonathan Kim
Minister of Environment Jonathan Jung
Minister of Social Justice Tyrus Kalanyos
Minister of Academics Claire Razvi
Minister of Inclusivity Ella Watson