This diagram highlights the pathways that students can take to reach each of the science courses offered at Saint André Bessette.

​D2L Access​


Science Olympics

The Science Olympics is an event that is put on by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Western University.  The event is intended to bring together students with an interest in science from high schools across London and the surrounding area.  There are events tailored to students of all ages and interests. The 2020 Science Olympics will take place during the month of May.
More information regarding this event can be found at:​​

If you have any questions, please speak with one of your science teachers.


Envirothon gets students outdoors, to experience nature first hand and hands on! Envirothon is a unique team competition that rewards students for learning about the natural world around them. Local conservation organizations partner to provide students with interactive field trips and workshops to help them understand forests, soils, wildlife, aquatic ecosystems and the human impact on all of the things we value in nature. Envirothon uses field testing to develop critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication skills.

The Ontario Envirothon builds environmental awareness and leadership among young people through practical, hands-on educational experiences, enabling them to make informed, responsible decisions that benefit the earth and society.

For more information about Ontario Envirothon, please contact Mrs. Frederick (in the Science department) or go the Ontario Envirothon website:​