"I ask you to ensure that humanity is served by wealth and not ruled by it."

- Pope Francis​



Be An Angel Marketplace – BAAM


Senior classes in the Business Department get the opportunity to run their own business for a day as part of our Be An Angel Campaign. They are placed in to management teams and asked to come up with a business idea to be run for one day in the commons area. For many students this is their first opportunity to see a venture through from beginning to end. This event incorporates marketing, operations management, accounting and business leadership. This is an event that students look forward to with great anticipation every year.


Technology in the Classroom

Our Business courses emphasize the use of technology to learn the concepts of an ever changing workplace. Students get the opportunity to research business theories, prepare presentations and pitch ideas.

"Business Banter"

Multiple times a semester students get to engage in rich discussion on current events in the business world in an informal thought provoking setting. The topics are linked to each of the courses and the content and discussion is driven by what is happening in the global business environment at the time of the assigned period. Students gain a greater awareness of how current events impact them presently and in the future. ​

Business Simulations

Our business department realizes the value of putting theories into action and making connections based on actual decisions. This is achieved through simulation activities, group challenges and case study analysis.