Ms. Reid Welcomes You to Saint André Library

Our library is part of the School Learning Commons where students & staff alike engage in purposeful collaborative partnerships to promote literacy learning. Our resource rich environment provides our school community with the tools to study, conduct research, read and work together.
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What the Research says about School Libraries:

Research undeniably and repeatedly shows clear links between student achievement and the existence of libraries stocked with a variety of resources, and staffed by qualified librarians who collaborate with teachers.​

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 Library Mission Statement

To provide access to a variety of informational resources to support the curriculum, foster a love for reading, and ensure the school community is effective users of information for learning as well as leisure.

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LDCSB School Library Goals

  • Educate students on the functionality, organization and purpose of libraries so that they can be library users for life
  • Demonstrate how to research with purpose and process
  • Promote and foster a love of reading for pleasure and learning
  • Develop library collections that encompass a variety of formats to support Catholic Graduate Expectations
  • Facilitate the use of technology for learning, research and communication 

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