Final Exams- January 2020

Saint André Bessette Exam Information for Students

  • Students will write exams based on the period of assignment for each class. 


Exam Day 1 – Friday, January 24th

Period 1 Class

Exam Day 2- Monday, January 27th

Period 2 Class

Exam Day 3 – Tuesday, January 28th

Period 3/4 Class

Exam Day 4 – Wednesday, January 29th

Period 5 Class

Exam Day 5 – Thursday, January 30th

Exam Review Day

Friday, January 31st– Professional Development Day, No School for students


Students are not required to be in attendance at school if they do not have an exam and are encouraged to stay at home if they do not have an exam or project to complete. 
Saint André exam days will begin with the 7:55 am warning bell, 8:00 am start of day, national anthem, prayer and attendance. 
In the case of school cancellation due to weather, the exam day will be postponed by one day and the sequence of exam days will remain in place.  
Students are to be in full uniform as these are school days.
Students are to bring only those items necessary for the completion of the exam to the exam room.  All other items like coats and bags are to remain in lockers.  Cell phones are not permitted!
Students must remain in their examination rooms until 9:15 am before being dismissed.
Upon dismissal from the examination room, students may make a brief stop at their locker and then leave the hallway area.   Supervisors will be instructed to keep the hallways clear.
Following completion of exams, students may be in the learning commons or cafeteria. The library is reserved for quiet study on exam days. 
It is strongly recommended that students make arrangements to leave the school as soon as is practically possible after they have completed their exam. 
School buses will run on their normal schedule at the beginning and end of the day. 
There will be no cafeteria service during exam days.
Textbooks need to be returned to teachers on day of the exam or prior to the exam
On Thursday, January 30th students will have an opportunity to review exams with teachers from 8 am- 10 am.   Teachers will be stationed in their classrooms from 8 am- 10 am.