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Teacher Department
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E. Ablenas Educational Assistant ​29138    
R.Akhras Communications Administrator  29139 29139  
M. Alarie French 29134   [email protected] D2L
C.Alexander Computer Science 29134    
O. Amaral Canadian and World Studies  29131    
D. Aregbe Educational Assistant 29138    
J. Bain Visual Arts 29134​   [email protected]  
​C. Bannister Health Care ​29135   [email protected] D2L
K. Barnes Principal 29001 29001 [email protected]  
E. Bondy Mathematics  29132    
M. Bonnallie Communications Administrator 29099 29099 [email protected]  
Civics and Careers  29134    
​B. Boulianne Religion 29131   [email protected] D2L
G. Bowden Mathematics 29132    
T. Bowser Religion 29133   [email protected]  
H. Britton-de Jeu Social Worker 29007​ 29007  
D. Caranci Religion 29131   [email protected]  
M. Casaubon
Student Success
29137   [email protected]  
L. Clausi
29041 29041 [email protected]  
C.Clifford Vice Principal 29003 29003  
S. Coombs Guidance Counsellor ​29012 29012 [email protected]  
B. Cousins Educational Assistant 29138    
D. Cupello
Social Science/
Canadian & World Studies Department Head
29133   [email protected] D2L
C. D'Oria Religion 29134   [email protected] Website
​K. da Silva Marques
29138   [email protected]  
R. deWeerd
Student Support Administrator
D. Desjardins Business 29134   [email protected] D2L
​S. DiCiocco Mathematics 29132   [email protected]  
T. Di Marcelli Foods 29135    
M. Duffy Mathematics Department Head 29132   [email protected]  
T. Earl School Data & Information Administrator 29020 29020 [email protected]  
​I. Ellacott Computer Science 29132   [email protected] D2L
L.Farquhar Math  29132    
M.Froncisz Science/Math  29132    
​R. Frederick Science Department Head 29133   [email protected] D2L
N.Gabriel Science  29134    
​S. Gallivan English 29133   [email protected] Website
​J. Gasparotto Design Technology 29135   [email protected]  
S. Geddes Science 29133   [email protected] D2L
K. Gipp Transportation 29135   [email protected]  
J.Graham Educational Assistant  29138    
A. Grech Religion 29131   [email protected]  
D. Greene Canadian/World Studies 29133   [email protected] D2L
S. Gregory Learning Services Department Head 29137   [email protected]  
C. Heine English 29133    
H.Howard Science  29133    
J. Houghton English/Religion  29131    
W. Irvine SPST 29137   [email protected]  
S. Jacome Educational Assistant 29138    
K. Jarvis Foods/Guidance Counsellor 29043   [email protected]  
H. Jones Educational Assistant 29138    
M. Jones English/Canadian & World Studies 29134   [email protected] D2L
T. Kahnert Guidance Department Head 29042 29042 [email protected]  
T. Kenny Educational Assistant 29138    
S.Keir Technology  29135    
K. Kimbark Co-operative Education 29135   [email protected] D2L
L. Knibbs English      
​D. Kuzmanovich Phys. Ed. 29136   [email protected]  
M. Lanoue Religion​ 29131   [email protected]  
M.LoRusso Math  29132    
P. Marino Canadian & World Studies  29131    
Science  29133    
C. Masse Construction Tech 29135   [email protected]  
B. McCormack Science 29131   [email protected] D2L
K. McGinnes French 29134   [email protected]  
E.Moore English      
C. Newell Educational Assistant 29138    
J. O'Connor Health Care/Canadian & World Studies 29135   [email protected]  
M. Parker English 29133   [email protected]  
K. Pawlowska English  29133    
J. Payne Phys. Ed. 29136   [email protected]  
T. Pickett Science  29133    
J. Pizzuti Business 29134   [email protected]  
D.Poloni English/Religion 29131    
M. Reati Mathematics 29132   [email protected]  
C. Redmond Mathematics 29132   [email protected]  
C. Regier Technology/Business/Co-operative Education Department Head 29135   [email protected]
T. Regier Science  29132    
H. Reid Librarian 29070 29070  
S. Reis Foods/Social Science 29131   [email protected] D2L
Science/Math  29133    
C. Romain Religion Department Head 29134   [email protected]  
​M. Rondinelli-Speller Canadian & World Studies 29131   [email protected]  
M. Santarella English 29133   [email protected] D2L
K. Scott Science 29133    
P. Shore-Talbot Dance/Co-operative Education 29136   [email protected] D2L
​V. Silvestro Chaplain 29059 29059 [email protected]  
A. Snyders Mathematics 29132   [email protected]  
E. Specht Business/Mathematics  29134    
B. Steffler Office Supervisor 29010 29010  
T. Swift Phys. Ed. Department Head / Athletic Director 29136   [email protected]  
S. Szabo Religion 29131   [email protected] D2L
L. Thompson
English/Phys Ed/Student Council Advisor
29136   [email protected]  
Vice Principal 29002  
K. Travis SPST 29137   [email protected]  
M. Van Schyndel School to Community 29138    
K. Vauthier English Department Head 29134   [email protected]  
J. Vermue Music 29133   [email protected] D2L
Canadian & World Studies  29134    
P. Wanamaker Educational Assistant 29138    
H. Weis Fine Arts, Moderns Department Head 29101   [email protected] D2L
J. Woodburn Phys. Ed./ Assistant Department Head of Phys. Ed. and Athletics 29136   [email protected]  
F. Yong Art/Canadian & World Studies/Religion  29134